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Lokernas.com – PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) adalah sebuah perusahaan Indonesia yang bergerak di bidang eksplorasi, pertambangan, pemprosesan, dan pemasaran konsentrat tembaga, emas, dan perak daerah daerah dataran tinggi Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua. Freeport Indonesia merupakan bagian dari holding Badan Usaha Milik Negara di sektor pertambangan, Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) dan sahamnya dimiliki oleh Inalum serta Freeport-McMoRan.

Dikutip dari www.careers-page.com/freeportindonesia diinfokan saat ini PT Freeport Indonesia membuka lowongan pekerjaan untuk posisi Sr.Manager,Underground Geotechnical. Posisi ini diperuntukan bagi kandidat berpengalaman. Pendaftaran dibuka sampai dengan tanggal 26 Mei 2022. Untuk informasi selengkapnya, simak di bawah ini.

Sr. Manager, Underground Geotechnical

The purpose of this position is:
Manage, direct, monitor, control, and evaluate all activities of Underground Geo Services group (i.e. UG Geology, UG Geotechnical and Hydrology,) and Quality Assurance and Quality Control QAQC group to ensure targets and objectives are achieved in a safe, effective and efficient manner according to company guidelines and legal requirements.

The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:

  1. Develop Department’s long and short-term goals and measurement standards (including Department Mission, Program and Project Objectives, People Development, Safety and Environment) in all areas to ensure compliance with company goals so that clear directions of the programs are understood by all involved.
  2. Plan, develop, and control annual budget and prepare associated AFE’s to ensure cost-effective operations of the section, as well as to guide the future budgeting preparation.
  3. Communicate goals and progress to relevant parties (e.g. middle and upper management,) to ensure that projects outlined and progress is well understood by outside parties.
  4. Oversee and control activities of Geotechnical, Geology, and QAQC groups to ensure the implementation of geotechnical design and recommendations at Underground Mines with cooperation from mining operations and engineering.
  5. Ensure that geological information are available and are used to support all geotechnical designs.
  6. Oversee Hydrology group to ensure that effective dewatering plans are developed and implemented for each underground mines and Mill water supply requirements are met.
  7. Manage geotechnical risk management at UG mines by developing geotechnical hazard maps and relevant action plans to ensure safe operation.
  8. Manage outside consultants to ensure that required service is provided in efficient and effective manner.
  9. Ensure that long-term geotechnical projects are coordinated with corporate geotechnical group, engineering, planning and consultants.
  10. Ensure continuous professional development of national engineers through training and introduction of state of art geotechnical knowledge.
  11. Oversee safety program to ensure safety programs are followed and adhered to.
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The key challenges in this position include:

  • Achieve long-term company and Department goals, integration of immediate client requirements and short-term programs within these goals to produce overall plans.
  • Ability to develop strong UG Geotech, Geology and QAQC group to support current and future FI underground mines.
  • Ability to give geotechnical support for the transition between open pit and block cave mine.
  • Ability to ensure proper interaction between different disciplines- Geology, Geotech and Mine Engineering.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:
Minimum Education and Experience

  • A Tertiary (minimum S1 or Bachelor Degree) qualification in Geosciences with at least 20 years’ experience in geology and geotechnical engineering for underground mines with exposure to hydrology.

Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters)

  • Knowledge of organizational theory and practice
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Analytical thinking
  • Managerial skill
  • Communication skill
  • Decision-making skill
  • Supervisory skill
  • Strategic orientation
  • Knowledge of geotechnical engineering
  • Knowledge of geology and hydrogeology
  • Knowledge of Underground excavation stability and support design
  • Other PTFI mandatory competencies

The key areas in which you have decision-making responsibility are:

  • Approves the designs and plans for the Department programs.
  • Approves acquisition and allocation of resources (people and equipment) to achieve the assigned objectives.
  • Approves plans and changes to the implementation of the plans as and when required to achieve program and project objectives within the approved budget.
  • Disciplinary discretion over subordinates.
  • Authorizes and delegates signing authority for warehouse requisitions for equipment

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